“Unused lettering and illustration for food related editorial. Chris Silas Neal — Handwritten type has been one of the things I really liked to get into. Actually, type in general.

Guido Cadorin

۩۩ Painting the Town ۩۩ city, town, village & house art - Guido Cadorin.

Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Newell Wyeth This looks like a lighthouse on Mohegan island in Maine that I did a painting of

robert motherwell

He was one of the youngest of the New York School (a phrase he coined), which also included Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and Philip Guston.

Johnny Depp ♥

Mother of Depp

Mad hatter, Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow all played by the sexy and talented actor jonny depp

art: Over the Mediterranean, artist: Sheryl Westergreen

Artaissance is an online art reproduction gallery that allows you to customize artwork to fit your home decorating needs.

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Laundry Day by Andrew Wyeth

i love wyeth anything. and i love this. i want a clothesline. really, really bad i want a clothesline. i miss the way clothes smell after flapping in the sunshiny breeze.

"The Stone Fence", Andrew Wyeth. (via)  This is a melancholy scene; it makes me think of Proverbs 23:10.

The Stone Fence by Andrew Wyeth. Reminds me of many stone fence's around my polish grandparents farm.

I have always loved this painting  andrew-wyeth-master-bedroom-

Andrew Wyeth - 'Master Bedroom' 1965 /The Wyeth family Labrador "Rattler" asleep on Wyeth's bed. This reminds me so much of my dog, Sawyer.

"American Sunrise" by Guy Billout

American Sunrise

Illustrator Guy Billout was an inspiration for Adventures in Archi-torturia contemporary digi art print modernist graphic illustration

Daniel Danger

Daniel Danger green empty swimming pool neon girl on roof illuminous radioactive alien

The good old days!

Opium for relief of headache, pain, "excitability," “women’s discomforts.” alcohol and 3 grams of opium per ounce.

Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine

Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine

A bottle of Heroin Hydrochlor. Now a days we typically use morphine. Ever notice how the old folk never tell the young folk 'don't do drugs' ever wonder why?

pluiesourire:  (Andrew Wyeth - Cranberries)  Psapp - Cosy in the rocket by

Andrew Wyeth Andrew Newell Wyeth (July 1917 – January was a visual artist,primarily a realist painter, working predomin.

Andrew Wyeth Трехколесный велосипед у амбара

Barns are architectural wonders. Find the most beautiful barns from around the world. Learn about barns, barn architecture, and barn design here.