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Drawing Clothing folds and creases

Let's stop randomly copying fold lines without understanding the base. --- How to Draw - Tutorial: Clothes and Folds for Comic / Manga Panel Design Reference

Zeus was hit with an enormous headache. Eventually his headache became extremely unbearable & he could no longer take the pain he was in. He asked for the help of Hermes who struck his forehead the Labrys. When Hermes split open Zeus’s head Athena sprung forth from his forehead fully grown & fully clothed & armed. Zeus loved Athena dearly. Not only was he glad that Athena was not the prophesized son that would lead to his demise, but Athena was also the Goddess of Wisdom...

Athena had many key attributes and one of them is wisdom. Athena was very wise and she also was brave. She fought for/with Odysseus in Troy and she brought peace upon many places.