FREE Pillowcase Dress Pattern & Inspiration Adorable and quick for a holiday jumper or with a little jacket over it. Try fall print to get thru Thanksgiving, then either red and white or snow themed to carry thru Valentines.dse

Triple ruffle skirt tutorial. This is the one with the connector strips. free pattern with instructions to use for any size.

Make a slightly smaller than Medium square cushion out of old vinyl table cloths for boosters at the dinner table that are wipe-clean!

Top 10 free pants sewing patterns for both girls and boys

Top 10 free pants sewing patterns for both girls and boys

When it comes to sewing, leather is a very tricky material to master. Whether you are planning to use real leather or one of the faux options available, you will find the following advice on how to sew leather quite helpful. Don't Use Pins Most people...

Aunt Maggie's slippers, a vintage pattern. My Nanna from Australia made slippers very similar to these. Double strand the yarn, and crochet the edges closed, wear with socks and you have two foot furnaces. More

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Learn how to make a dress for girls that will be passed down for years to come. You can learn how to make clothing for your little baby with this Vintage Heirloom Dress. This piece includes a tiny bodice embellished with buttons and a cute collar.