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Japanese tattoo

SHIGE (Shigenori Iwasaki) is a famous tattoo artist, born in 1970 in Hiroshima. After being a mechanic for Harley-Davidson in Yokohama, he taught himself how to tattoo since 1995 and pursues original Japanese Style with a traditional inspiration.

Tattoo #inked woman

I like this skull/hand a little better. same concept with the Marie Antionette, istead of smoking her covering her face with her hand tattooed. Wish I could get away with this.

Michelle Lewin is a fitness competitor and cover model

that-fit-girl: “liivefortodayfitness: “ “ whymanwhy: “ Source ” Michelle Lewin ” These are absolutely beautiful 👌. The human body is so amazing. ” this is just amazing ” hot

Svetlana Zakharova - her feet!

A good arch. There was someone who wanted a post about arches, with some pictures. The arch is the curve under the foot, between the heel and forefoot.