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Nancy Blake
Nancy Blake
Nancy Blake

Nancy Blake

No. 13 (The Ring)

D o k n o m m e a w - p l a y: embroidering

D o k n o m m e a w - p l a y: Bird by Num Fascinating how she has "painted" with the fibers!

detail of the back of "In Hiding" by Barbara Shapel. www.barbarashapel... by Karen J Brandt (Banning, CA) Made by Karen J Brandt Quilted by Lynette Harlan Started in 2013, Finished in 2014 Design basis: Maker's Original Design Artist statement: Rosemary Makhan designed this quilt in memory of her son, Kenneth. I redesigned a number of the critters and flowers, primarily adding detail. a quilt of buttons and beads, made by Susan Bianchi Winner of $750.00 for 2nd Place: Traditional, Wall, Applique Sponsored by The Quilt House, Inc. Entered by Janis Pearson (San Juan Capistrano, CA) Made by Janis Pearson Quilted by Gail Rowland from Spring, TX Started in 2011, Finished in 2014 Design basis: Traditional Pattern wool applique Made by Pam Hadfield Quilted by Joyce Asheroft Design basis: Sue Spargo Design Artist statement: A wool quilt with wool appliqué designed by Sue Spargo. A variety of colorful embroidery stitches are used to embellish the fun loving birds that are ready to strut around in their fine feathers.




King Vuture at Shuttleworth Birds of Prey Centre

Andrea Pottyondy

Letter C by Kathryn Finter. Based on carved design from a misericord (wooden ledge attached to a hinged church seat).

Letter P by Kathryn Finter

December 29, 2014 - Painted Finch, Painted Firetail Finch, or Emblema Finch (Emblema Picta) These estrildid finches are found in rocky areas with spinifex grass across central and northern Australia. Males have more red on the face and breast than females and immature birds. Spending most of their time foraging on the ground, they eat grass seeds and sometimes fruit or grass blades. They build small spherical nests on platforms of pebbles, dirt, twigs, and bark. Both parents incubate the ...

dreamtime turtle with Tree of Life

Magenta, Hot Pink, Tangerine, Flame Red, Lime Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Black, White Contemporary geometric designs with both a textural and linear abstract quality, are set into a patchwork of printed designs with an upscale appeal. Larger frames are about 5 1/2" across, from the 'Heart and Soul Sisters' collection by Jamie Fingal for Hoffman Fabrics.