New Jersey Personal Defense Academy

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New Jersey, USA  ·  The New Jersey Personal Defense Academy was founded to address the need for a teachable system of practical and effective principles that can be used by “regula
New Jersey Personal Defense Academy
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This is How I Roll...JUDO roll, that is!

Not everyone rolls this way . That's how martial Artists Roll! Whether you do karate, judo , jiujitsu, bjj, or you are a cage fighter this t-shirt `s for you!

Finger placement.

Right to left enough finger on the trigger" you will shoot "to the left" of the target. "too much finger" will cause you to shoot to the "right of the target". "perfect trigger finger" will cause you to " pull straight back" and shoot dead center!

Being safe is not only a matter of having excellent situational awareness, but also being sure that you do not make assumptions based on your own preconceived notions and opinions. Most people would dismiss four teenage girls as being harmless simply because they are female, yet these models of society thought it would be fun to smash a brick over a student's head and then proceed to beat up several other innocent citizens.  Be alert, be prepared.

Five teenage girls in Philadelphia have been arrested and accused of attacking strangers, including beating a Temple University student in the face with a brick.


Pentagon Study Finds Beards Directly Related To Combat Effectiveness.the facts are that beards save lives," - CENTCOM Commanding General James Mattis

Excellent article on martial arts and kyojitsu

Foreplay, Lack of Commitment & Knowing when to Pull Out

BBQ Bear Claws. Or, can you say "shuko?"

Buy BBQ Bear Paws online and save! Say what you will about them, but hundreds of years of evolution have seen bears develop the perfect paws for pulling pork, slicing steaks and even fo.

Welcome to the "Glock Block."

'This is a Glock block - We don't call Pistol-packing Oregon neighborhood fights crime wave - Washington Times