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Social Work Apps

Mobile, Web-Based, or Computer Apps that can be used by social workers and other mental health, human services, and social care professionals, or that can be used by their clients. Caveats: We haven't tried most of these, so we can't say for sure what their value might be, and very little research has been done on the effectiveness of most of the apps out there. Maintained by @Dorlee M, as well as me (@njsmyth)

Social Work Apps

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Suicide Safe by SAMHSA ‒ The Suicide Prevention App for Primary Care and Behavioral Health Providers by SAMHSA

Social Work Field Guide is a community-driven resource app for social workers < contains over 50 pre-loaded nationally available services, therapeutic exercises, how-to's, and more. You can add your own resources and submit them to be included in future updates

App Links Sex Assault Survivors To Help < centralizes 55 different services available to victims of sexual assault and highlights the phone number to call to access them... < makes finding the right shelter and information about domestic violence easier. [website and mobile resource with searchable data]

Acts of Kindness < over 300 suggestions including acts of kindness, charitable donations and more; company behind this good doing app pledges to donate 25% of all ad revenue directly to Goodwill...

Random Act of Kindness < A simple click on the Be Kind button or a shake of the device will give you your Random Act of Kindness for the day.

1st Family Health app was created to help people with little or no prescription drug insurance to save money on their prescription drugs. This includes, but is not limited to, senior citizens, on fixed incomes and Medicare; self-employed business-people who have to pay their own medical costs; families; college students; and those who have recently lost their jobs and benefits and may be struggling financially.

Headspace < free meditation app (teaches you how)

Plasticity app/platform < teaches employees the psychological traits of flourishing to create highly engaged corporate cultures. A fun, social collaboration environment with a singular focus on company culture also measures social/emotional-intelligence to guide predictive psychological fitness training #happiness

Boys Town National Hotline Platform - 4 ways for teens to receive help

How are you feeling? "My Life My Voice" is a teen/young adult mood journaling app. It offers a simple solution for tracking your thoughts, feelings and moods in this interactive tool you can keep right on your phone!

Learn to Handle Anger Using NVC – Interactive Story < Miss Kitty has an anger problem. Can you help her? Can you show Miss Kitty how to decide to think before going into a rage? Can you show Miss Kitty how to take 3 deep breaths when she feels angry? Can you figure out what universal human needs are behind Miss Kitty’s angry, rageful thoughts…

Get KnowBullying < free app from SAMHSA that can prevent bullying

Rosie: the child protection computer game < play while developing social work skills

Healthvana: Peace of Mind In The Dating App Era? < a simple way to obtain and share verified STD test results

healthcenter.uore... Developed by the University of Oregon, “Sex Positive” is a free app that strives to counter the fears, secrecy, misinformation, judgment, and general negativity that currently surround sexuality.

Creative relaxation: the healing potential of interactive art < Bright Hearts app: biofeedback artwork created to give you beautiful feedback on your breathing and heart rate, in real time. [$3.99]

#HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Service: Tiger Text

5 Great Apps for Social Justice < You can figure out how to buy better products from socially responsible companies, refute a climate denier with accurate research...

Our friends at Mashable rounded up a list of 7 apps designed to help learners with dyslexia. What apps would you add to the list?

List of Apps for Working with Children Who are Hearing Impaired

Breathing Zone is a doctor recommended therapeutic breathing exercise. In just 5 minutes you can start to reduce stress and anxiety and impr...

Hospital uses a simple Feedback App to get feedback from patients and their families -- this idea could be used by any nonprofit #nonprofits

Story Cubes < great play therapy app [asking child to tell a story that connects all 9 images and more] hat tip to Stacy (McBee) Braiuca

Special Needs Apps Review < The Friendship Circle App Review gives you the ability to find the perfect special needs app for your child.