Social Work Apps

Mobile, Web-Based, or Computer Apps that can be used by social workers and other mental health, human services, and social care professionals, or that can be used by their clients. Caveats: We haven't tried most of these, so we can't say for sure what their value might be, and very little research has been done on the effectiveness of most of the apps out there. Maintained by @Dorlee M, as well as me (@njsmyth)

Social Work Apps

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Trouble adjusting to home life? mental health assessments on After Deployment website and its companion app, LifeArmor [good military source for mental health]

GreyMatters App Aims To Help People Connect With Loved Ones Suffering From Dementia

Self-help for Anxiety Management by University of the West of England

10 Ways Tech Is Enabling the Disabled - Uncubed

Web-based/mobile friendly app to treat depression. Has some research support! #depression #mentalhealth #mhtech

Review of an app that provides a HIPAA compliant for health and behavioral health #mentalhealth #onlinetherapy #mhealth

Aspire News < free news app that provides DV assistance

Pass The Drop by Momentous Institute < free app helps a classroom or group of students focus their attention on the work at hand with the goal of reducing distractions [also avail for Samsung tablet]

Settle Your Glitter by Momentous Institute < free app guides students through a deep breathing exercise that helps allow them to regain control of their emotions and shift their focus back to learning [also avail for Samsung]

Breathing Bubbles by Momentous Institute < free app helps students reflect on their good feelings and release their worries in an effort to improve their mood and emotional well-being [also avail for Samsung tablets]

Am I Hungry?® Virtual Coach by Am I Hungry? $2.99 ® Mindful Eating Programs and Training < how to identify signals of hunger and fullness, recognize “head hunger, ”ask yourself a series of questions for deciding what to eat * & tune-in to the multisensory experience of eating.

TF-CBT: Triangle of Life < free evidence based cognitive processing app/game for use with kids (anxiety, improving thought processes etc. developed by Carnegie Mellon University) avail on Apple and Google+

Mindfulness Coach by US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) < aims to teach mindfulness skills, to help military members learn to reduce tension and improve coping skills

NowMattersNow < educational site that teaches DBT skills (distress tolerance and distraction) #suicideprevention

DONAFY < allows citizens to easily locate, notify and donate to nearby nonprofit organizations that service people in need of housing, food, medical care, mental health, job assistance and LGBT services [limited to PA for now]

Flowy - Game to Help w/Panic Attacks

Eat, Chew, Rest < free app to encourage mindful eating! It includes visual prompts that tell you when to chew and when to savour the flavor; Learn to appreciate, savor, and reflect

IMAlive :: An Online Crisis Network < 100% of its volunteers trained and certified in crisis intervention

Emotion Wheel by Six Seconds < track your feelings

Intend - The Change Reminder by Six Seconds > Set an intention and get random, super-simple reminders to help you follow through

Suicide Safe by SAMHSA ‒ The Suicide Prevention App for Primary Care and Behavioral Health Providers by SAMHSA

Social Work Field Guide is a community-driven resource app for social workers < contains over 50 pre-loaded nationally available services, therapeutic exercises, how-to's, and more. You can add your own resources and submit them to be included in future updates

App Links Sex Assault Survivors To Help < centralizes 55 different services available to victims of sexual assault and highlights the phone number to call to access them... < makes finding the right shelter and information about domestic violence easier. [website and mobile resource with searchable data]

Acts of Kindness < over 300 suggestions including acts of kindness, charitable donations and more; company behind this good doing app pledges to donate 25% of all ad revenue directly to Goodwill...