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    Social Work Apps
    Mobile, Web-Based, or Computer Apps that can be used by social workers and other mental health, human services, and social care professionals, or that can be used by their clients. Caveats: We haven't tried most of these, so we can't say for sure what their value might be, and very little research has been done on the effectiveness of most of the apps out there. Maintained by @Dorlee M, as well as me (@njsmyth)
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    Thinking Talents Quiz: Find Your Career Strengths by Levo by Levo

    ITRC Mobile App < App Offers Help to Identity Theft Victims

    GiveDirectly allows donors to send money directly to the poor with no strings attached. Our approach is guided by rigorous evidence of impact and our values of efficiency, transparency, and respect.

    INorupt < directory of technologies for organizations; exhaustive list includes everything from mental health to human trafficking

    Respect Yourself < free app to help change thinking patterns and improve self esteem

    How much do you spend on lunch? Take the 30-Day Challenge to improve habits and save money.

    Researchers find best apps for disaster response. #disaster #mhealth

    No proof most NHS accredited mental health apps actually work

    In this interactive feature, you will learn how the choices we make can help children and the community as a whole become more resilient in the face of serious challenges

    Dementia Caregiver Solutions - Professional advice for people who care for seniors with Alzheimer's and other dementias by Lorenzo Gentile

    Genogram app

    TF-CBT Triangle of Life < new [free] mobile game app helps children who have experienced trauma by letting them use their tablets or smartphones to practice life skills they have learned in the therapist’s office

    Foster Care: There’s an App for That < two main pathways, one for foster caregivers and one for kids. Both of these pathways have a variety of resources focusing on building five main skill areas: communicating, overcoming stressful or traumatic situations, solving problems, dealing with tough emotions and setting goals

    companion personal safety mobile app

    Trouble adjusting to home life? mental health assessments on After Deployment website and its companion app, LifeArmor [good military source for mental health]

    GreyMatters App Aims To Help People Connect With Loved Ones Suffering From Dementia

    Self-help for Anxiety Management by University of the West of England

    10 Ways Tech Is Enabling the Disabled - Uncubed

    Web-based/mobile friendly app to treat depression. Has some research support! #depression #mentalhealth #mhtech

    Review of an app that provides a HIPAA compliant for health and behavioral health #mentalhealth #onlinetherapy #mhealth

    Aspire News < free news app that provides DV assistance

    Pass The Drop by Momentous Institute < free app helps a classroom or group of students focus their attention on the work at hand with the goal of reducing distractions [also avail for Samsung tablet]

    Settle Your Glitter by Momentous Institute < free app guides students through a deep breathing exercise that helps allow them to regain control of their emotions and shift their focus back to learning [also avail for Samsung]

    Breathing Bubbles by Momentous Institute < free app helps students reflect on their good feelings and release their worries in an effort to improve their mood and emotional well-being [also avail for Samsung tablets]