Create individual, class, Goal-Setting form for MAP testing (fall, winter, and spring RIT scores) with page tabs. Here it is then correlated to our state assessment by columns (Not Met, Met, and Exemplary). Allows the teacher the create "flexible groups for Reading and/or Math.

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Setting goals

NWEA Map Testing - Student Goal Setting (Primary) nwea math practice

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Tales from Outside the Classroom: NWEA Resources and some Goodies

NWEA Resources and some Goodies - Tales from Outside the Classroom

Student Goal Setting Packet~Create SMART goals for NWEA, D

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Classroom Freebies: NWEA Norms

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2nd Grade Shenanigans: A Sweet Project for Standardized Testing!

2nd Grade Shenanigans: A Sweet Project for Standardized Testing!

4th Grade Racers: Making Test Prep Fun 2

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My second graders will most likely adopt a higher grade level class for FCAT. These are cute.

The Little Things: Testing Motivational Treats

Countdown to FCAT! Kids loved it!

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Test prep this!

The Creative Counselor: Rock the Test Pep Rally

Test Like A Ninja

Silly & Fun Testing Day Slides & Treats!

Rock the TEST! Test prep bulletin board

"Keys to Rockin' the Test" - Test Tips Bulletin Board Idea

Rock the STAAR- fun for testing

Rock the STAAR

Minute to win it! End of the year games.

Sunny Days in Second Grade: Minute To Win It!

Reviewing for the test Olympic style

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Using released items, cut the test for instant task cards.

One teacher's strategy for using data to drive instruction -- this is worth a look!

My Teacher Friend: Math Benchmark Tracking

Easy math stations via Middle School Math Rules -"Middle schoolers love it when they get to get up and move around, even when they are doing problems from a worksheet"

Middle School Math Rules!: Creating a Learning Station


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Help kids become confident learning to answer multiple choice questions prior to end of year assessments. Get a group active by putting letters on the corners of the rug and having kids walk to their answers to multiple choice questions.

Common Core Connection

Constructed Response using ROPE

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This poster shows the steps of how to solve a constructed response questions.

RAPP Constructed Response Strategy Poster

I created this to help my students with writing answers to constructed response questions. Click photo for word file.

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Great math extended-response

Oh Boy It's Farley