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the poster for this week's event features two men in hats and one is wearing a
Kinus Teshuva & Reception
a flyer for an event with a man in a suit and tie smiling at the camera
Aish HaTorah Partners' Conference
the flyer for an upcoming event
SAVE THE DATE: Open House – January 7th, 2018
Your Daughter Will Succeed
Moshiach Mindfulness, Invitations, Open Minded, Redemption, Author, Understanding, Believe
an advertisement for the los angeles community fruv, featuring two women walking with their children
The Eruv Shabbos
an advertisement for a college with two students
Israel Option
an advertisement for the summer school program with children sitting on chairs and using laptops
Online Tutoring
the poster for blka's upcoming show, shavous at tratteria
Shavuos at Trattoria
a flyer for an event with the words i'm your rabbi
I'm Your Rabbi
a flyer for the jewish community's annual event, featuring colorful birds on a branch
Jewish Unity Now or Never
the poster for jewish community's first annual green speech campaign, featuring an image of a
Green Speech Campaign
the flyer for an event featuring women's fashion show, which is being held at yu
the poster for culinary cause ii, featuring steaks and spices on a cutting board
Culinary for a Cause III