SLOW COOKER au Gratin Potatoes - not only is this recipe ideal for any day of the week, along side chicken, pork or beef BUT it's going to be a GAME CHANGER for the holidays. No more potato dish taking up that valuable oven space! Now you've got room and time! I will admit, I wasn't sure this recipe was going to work. I don't like potatoes that have weird consistency but these had the perfect consistency to them. I'm so glad I tried this!

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I'm certain that roasting veggies is the ultimate way to enjoy them. These Parmesan-Herb Roasted Potatoes prove that to me once again. This is one of those

Copycat Panera Mac and Cheese: easy stove top recipe (to try for my Panera Mac & Cheese-loving kid)

martha stewart's perfect macaroni and cheese: "no joke, this is the best macaroni on earth!" It really is-this is my go to, never fail, always impressive Mac recipe. Seriously delicious & special enough for Easter dinner.

You know those delicious, family-style side dishes on the menu at steakhouses — the ones you wish you could re-create at home?

Taste just like mom's used to. This tried and true Classic Deviled Egg Recipe is perfect for using up all those dyed Easter eggs or for an easy appetizer. | Real Life Dinner ~

Easy potato skins recipe via These potato rounds are topped with cheddar cheese & crumbled bacon bits.

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