THIS IS THE TRUEST THING EVER. I literally said this to my friend Lois. You have up to 300 characters before you have to stop texting per text. You have enough room to use correct grammar.

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You: MOM! I got a on my test! Mom: I know thats why said wtf. You: Mom, what do you think wtf means? Mom: Well That's Fantastic

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vintage inspired couture dress.

I could see my dad doing this to me. he used to prank call me all the time. I would do this to my kid lol

Awesome mom

Funny text messages this is hilarious! But it would be the other way around. My mom would be the one that I could mess with about not have a signal!

My mom used to do this to mu brother and I all the time...but she made us walk home (for not "staying with her"). LOL

25 Hilarious Text Messages From Parents.I Would Die Laughing If My Parents Texted Me With This

hahahah poof! your single heheheh

16 Funniest Break-Up Texts - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED. I feel so sorry for her/him

Awwww I don't know if this is supposed to be a cute way to propose but if not I'm stupid

Awesome text - Let me give you a little riddle. However, I do not want a proposal text

This settles it. Some people simply should not be allowed to own a phone with text messaging!

Day The idiots who make us laugh. The idiots who make you wonder why? And make you speechless. I don't always want to be around them and they frustrate me to help, but im glad there are some idiots out there, comedy gold.

LOL! Did something like that before....  Remember the bathroom in Emeryville? @bronwynkim

funny text message stopped for a hedgehog realized it was a pine cone eyesight going | Best Way To Have Fun Online - Part 83 Ummm...

are you still mad at me? twinkle, twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are? wish i could hit you with my car. ok, you're still mad

Leave your problems. ..

funny text message got fired boss told me to leave problems at door told him to step outside dad laughs can't wait to tell your mom this