He loves us

Casting Crowns - Jesus, Friend of Sinners (Official Music Video) - Music Videos

This past year has been a trial I never wanted nor expected.  I lost my marriage, I lost my son who chose to not have me in his life, and I almost lost my daughter for she could not live with her pain.  I've prayed for God's help and strenght and guidance.  I don't know his future plans for me.  I can say I thought he gave me enough pain in my past.  Apparently I had more to learn.  Oh God please let the next 50 years  be better.  And God please return me to my son's heart.

Watch the music video from one of the hottest Christian bands of today! This Casting Crowns hit will remind you that God never gives up on you!

so why do we wait until we are at the bottom before looking up?

Matthew West - Strong Enough (Official Music Video) - Music Videos

for my daughter, and for my son, with love mom

it would be an awesome father daughter song