i thought this was the cutest gif ever. It is the cutest gif ever. *squee* Even non-Disney couples!

So true, hahah.

Extreme Home Makeover

[Extreme Makeover: Home Edition] "I kinda like horses." "We made your room into a horse and decorated it with horses and here we got you three pet horses and we are paying for surgery to make you into a horse!

10 Reasons 'Big Hero 6' Is Going to Be Our New Fave Disney Movie

10 Reasons 'Big Hero 6' Will Be Your New Favorite Disney Movie

10 Reasons 'Big Hero Is Going to Be Our New Fave Disney Movie also dose any notice that this is funny in two ways like He is in the wanted poster behind him

friends never get old.

I really need to get up and make myself presentable, but this episode of "Friends" that I've seen a thousand times is to riveting. (As I type this, I am currently watching a "Friends" episode that I am certain I have seen at least 10 times.

Nickelodeon In The 90s

Nickelodeon In The 90s

Nickelodeon In The The Amanda Show, Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell

Chandler And Joey Now

Chandler And Joey Now

Funny pictures about Chandler And Joey Today. Oh, and cool pics about Chandler And Joey Today. Also, Chandler And Joey Today photos.

Steve didn't wanna be in your stupid Science Bozos sissy club anyways. << XD

Science Bros Ask 37 by ecokitty Avengers humor and Marvel fanart -- ARMY BROS!

Friends TV Series Infographic Poster 61x91cm NEW Central Perk Show Quotes | eBay

Friends TV Show Infographic Poster iPosters funny quotes

And THIS is why he is my favorite. He doesn't have that "bad guy side" that he toys with. He has such a strong moral character that isn't as popular, even if he is just a fictional character;)

— This is why I love Steve and Captain America even though I'm dissatisfied and disillusioned with America as a country. Steve represents America in its most ideal form.


Chicha knew… Tangled, Eugene, Flynn Rider, The Emperor's New Groove

This is one of my favorite episodes. So funny!

Amy Farrah Fowler and her tiara. Probably by favorite Big Bang moment of all time.

28 Signs You're a Fixer Upper Fanatic | HGTV's Fixer Upper With Chip and Joanna Gaines | HGTV

30 Signs You're a Fixer Upper Fanatic

HGTV's Fixer Upper host, Joanna Gaines, shares how to get her beautiful, rustic Magnolia Homes look in the dining room.

Such a pretty rendition

Disney- Beauty and the Beast. My favorite Disney movie 💕


The yellow men - new girl Schmidt

{The Golden Girls} ~ Rose - "Can I ask a dumb question?" ~ Dorothy - "Better than anyone I know."

Golden Girls humor - I say this in my head all the time! I am sooo Dorothy!

Pitch perfect is my favorite movie of all time. Ever.

Pitch perfect benji i love him