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The Law of Attraction

A funny, hot, and sexy new release from N.M. Silber Once upon a time two lawyers fell in love across a courtroom ...

The Law of Attraction

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Does Braden's cousin Cameron want to be more than Gabrielle's friend, or will he and Jess get together?

Will Mark ever settle down and stop being a player?

Is there a woman out there somewhere who could even make Adam settle down?

Will Gabrielle and Braden ever slow down?

Will Mr. Harris (the shoplifter) be back for the Fourth of July picnic season?

Will Judge Channing ever retire?

Will Gabrielle's cousin Rachel ever get over her divorce and date men closer to her own age again?

Will Bubbe ever learn to behave herself?

Suspect #2 Did Cole the lecherous politician who is after Gabrielle write the letters?

Suspect #1: Did Marla, Braden's crazy ex-girlfriend write the letters?

Someone is sending Gabrielle anonymous letters.

What role does this Chihuahua play?

Will Braden's younger brother, Drew, ever learn to be tactful? Will he really help Braden repair the wall?

Will Jess ever refuse to go along with one of Gabrielle's crazy schemes? Will she and Braden's cousin, Cameron, fall in love?

Braden is sexy and full of swagger. Does he have a weak spot for a certain defense lawyer? (I thought actor Armie Hammer, pictured here, was the perfect image of Braden.)

Gabrielle is intelligent and funny and she has plenty of nerve in court. How much nerve does she have outside of the courtroom?

Gabrielle is a public defender and Braden is an assistant district attorney. They have been assigned to the same courtroom for months and Gabrielle is deeply in lust with Braden. Does he feel the same way?

The story is set in Philadelphia. The heroine, Gabrielle, loves the sight of the city lit up at night.