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a purple and white present wrapped in brown paper with two red buttons on the front
Easy Pillow Boxes
three little owls made out of toilet paper and some buttons on them are sitting next to each other
Easy Pillow Boxes
a dog laying on top of a bed wearing a blue and green knitted sweater
Free Crochet Pattern ~Chihuahua Sweater
there is a small toy doll laying on the floor
Free Crochet Pattern ~Cheeky Little Monkey Hat & Scarf
Materials Required: 3.5mm crochet hook. Patons Grace Yarn. Light 3. Color: Sky. Darning Needle (for sewing in ends). Scissors. Row/R...
a crocheted doll laying on top of a piece of cloth next to scissors
Cheeky Little Monkey Blanket & Pillow
Niftynnifer's Crochet & Crafts: Free Crochet Pattern ~Cheeky Little Monkey Blanket & Pillow
a crocheted square with flowers on it and the words butterfly afghan block written below
Crochet Pattern Review ~Butterfly Garden Afghan Block
i like my balls soft blue and white hair
Yarn Inspiration Memes
a crocheted blanket and pillow on top of a bed
A C2C Review + My Twist & Shake Square Pillow
a crochet hook with the words i love you with all my yarn, i would say heart, but my yarn stash is bigger
Yarn Inspiration Memes
a collage of crocheted items including hats, scarves and purses
A Collection Of Crochet Patterns For The Kitchen.
a crocheted purse sitting on the ground
Free Crochet Pattern ~Passionately Pink Purse
a collage of photos with knitted scarves and crochet items in them
I Like Crochet ~October's Issue Is Great!
a wooden bench with a vase filled with buttons on top of it and tied to the back
Crafts Here's a great collection of crafts I have completed.
three panels are hanging on the wall with comics
Old Slate Make Over ~3 Piece Comic Smash!
a painting of a skull surrounded by fruit
Niftynnifer's Crochet & Crafts