USB Super 16 Port Hub, one hub to rule them all, rock solid w built-in power supply to provide full power to all 16 ports.  Expensive at $160 but so worth it for the uber techie that uses multiple hubs.

Never have to choose which gadget gets the juice Giant USB Hub with 16 ports Connect up to 2 PCs to the same hub

Handcrafted Ceramic Tea Mug with Organic Loose Leaf Teas Gift Set by The Tea Spot, this is a single-serving tea mug that is awesome.  It has three parts, the mug itself, a peculator that goes into the mug to hold the loose leaf tea, and a cover which also serves as a holding spot for the peculator when removed.  My wife and I both have these and use them several times a day.  Brew just the tea you want w/out extra dishes to clean (tea pot or french press). Set also comes with excellent teas.

The Tea Spot Steeping Mug Handcrafted Porcelain Ceramic Tea Mug with Infuser & Lid is a 16 oz handcrafted ceramic vessel for brewing loose leaf teas. This design (mug, infuser, and lid / saucer) allows you to steep loose teas as easy as tea bags.

Love our always-hot electric water pot, Panasonic NC-EH22PC 2.3 Quart Electric Thermal Hot Pot.  $65.98 when posted

Features: Electric thermo pot boils and dispenses up to quarts of water 4 variable keep-warm settings;

Datexx Miracle Cube Timer, this is so handy, just flip to one of the sides, 5, 15, 30, or 60 to start the timer, 0 to stop.  Love the simplicity. $12.45 when posted.

Datexx The Miracle Cube Timer. Set the timer by simply resting the cube with the desired time facing up.

2-Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker, we use this many times a day, just add a single large Lipton Iced Tea bag, ice, water, and push the one button and 5 min later you’ve got perfectly brewed Iced Tea. $29.00 when pinned.

Love my iced tea maker! Can drink healthy delicious teas of any flavour I choose, with or without sweetening.

TeaSpot Bolder Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea, this is by far my favorite hot tea, it has a deep mix of teas including pu'erh w chocolate notes that gives it a robust, sensual, and complex flavor and aroma.  So good I drink it w/out cream or sugar.  Goes great with a good tea cake. $17.19 for 2-pack when pinned.

The TeaSpot Boulder Breakfast Loose Leaf Black Tea with Dark Chocolate Essence Yum!

Elpis, slick Pandora client for Windows, open source in WPF C#

Elpis, slick Pandora client for Windows, open source in WPF C#

Swiss Army Classic SD Knife - Silver Alox, small and very durable, in 6+ yrs airport security hasn't taken it yet when put with other chargers and cables in my carry-on. $21.90 when pinned.

fantastic little tiny pocket knife, in yrs airport security hasn’t detected it as carry-on when stuffed w chargers, metal case is slim, Swiss Army Classic SD Knife, Silver Alox

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