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longest two weeks of your life.

The anticipation I felt waiting for Christmas at the age of 7 is NOTHING like the anticipation of waiting to take a pregnancy test!

A family begins on couple's wedding day. While a child causes the family to grow, a family of 2 is no less a family. At my infertility support group, women always say, I want a family.

I have given up the thought of ever having a child and now I must survive the fact I can't give my husband a child.

Yes, I am bitter. I say bitter instead of angry because it sounds better. I am not a ranting, raving lunatic.I am just bitter. Why do we (infertile women) get so angry?

Yeah sorry friends on Facebook, if you're pregnant or have an are blocked for a while. Just can't take it now.  #infertility

I don't really think some people understand how much their words hurt someone who's infertile - Britt

Let's see, go to a baby shower where I can be reminded of my failure as a woman...or stay home & watch reality television with my cats? Cats.

Thanks FB users, for your by the minute, location specific weather reporting. I no longer feel bad about oversharing photos of my sleeping cat.