Moving on from glorious beards, now photographer Brock Elbank has unveiled a new series celebrating the beauty of freckles.

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Tibetan women - I wonder if they all get together and laugh away the day. Such is the recipe for a long and happy life.

amazing faces | tunisia | elderly man | by united nations photo

Lines of wisdom etched into light beauty. Gibran, Kahlil Portrait of a 90 year old man.Tunisia by United Nations Photo

Woman from the Muhacaona (Mucawana) tribe - Angola

Woman from the Muhacaona (Mucawana) tribe - Angola world people. people photography, world people, faces

so beautiful.

Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description "Vietnamese Girl"rom the Watchmen series by Clay Enos


I want to have a smile on my face and sexy glasses when I am old and grey! This reminds me of Grandma! Miss you Grandma!

PORTRAIT OF SHIV JI TIWARI by Joey L. Varanasi, India

Sadhus: Holy Men of Varanasi, India. Portrait of Shiv Ji Tiwaril Photo by: Joey…