National Oil & Acrylic Painters' Society

National Oil & Acrylic Painters' Society

An Alliance of Exceptional Artists Showcasing Outstanding Works of Art in Oil & Acrylic Media since 1991. Organizer of the annual 'Best of America' Art Exhibit.
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A beautiful portrait by NOAPS Master Artist Member Cheng Lian from Texas. "Laba" 20x16 oil painting. Cheng will be conducting two portrait workshops this year. Check our NOAPS website for details.

Incredible details and value changes! "The Reading Chair" a large 36x48 photorealistic painting by artist Ginny Lasco Photorealistic Paintings was a Top Finalist in NOAPS Fall 2016 Online International Exhibit. A painting that also invites to a leisure day today. See our Online International Exhibits at

"Ladybug" 12x9 by California NOAPS Artist Member Shore Cunningham. A title for a painting that makes you look. Where is the ladybug? Part of NOAPS Online International Exhibit

Bringing the focus to the main face in his composition with realism, artist Lee Rue finishes the rest with bold impressionistic brushstrokes. The gaze of the other two players add an element of curiosity and balance to the composition. "Marching Band" 18x14 by Lee Rue from California, finalist in NOAPS Online International Exhibit

A common scene of our world but approached with gusto and vitality in an impressionistic style catching that "fleeting moment" that will jolt memories. "The Waitress" by Abby Warman Fine Art from Florida is a 24x20 painting from the last NOAPS Online International Exhibit. #NOAPS #fineart

Beautifully rendered details in this still life by Gayle Madeira. The perfection of the glass depiction or the onions speak to a realistic technique "Onion, Wine and Asian Pears" 16x20 by Gayle Madeira from New York. Part of the NOAPS Online International Exhibit. Enter the Spring Exhibit at

May be today is a day of leisure, visiting an art museum or looking at art. This painting by California artist Lisa Mozzini-McDill shows a view of the Hall of Mirrors, the central gallery of the Palace of Versailles. "Hall of Mirrors 2" oil 16x12 a composition showing the beauty of the gallery and the balcony to the gardens of Versaille. Part of NOAPS online International Exhibits

The fresh colors and the magical rendering of the brushstrokes in this Plein Air Oil 9x12 by Chantal Julien Artiste from Quebec, Canada. A très belle peinture avec beaucoup vibrance! A Top Finalist in NOAPS Online International Exhibit. See NOAPS Online International at http:/

With so much concrete in a big city, sometimes it is difficult to bring the color and life through the artist's brush. Not in this painting! A very realistic painting with gorgeous details and colors by Canadian artist Olaf Schneider from Ontario. "New York City 24/7" is a large 40x60 painting full of vibrancy, movement and reflections.