Women in the Spanish revolution - Solidarity. "In their magnum opus The Revolution and the Civil War in Spain ...,Pierre Brow and Emile Témime state that the participation of women...was massive and general, and take this as an index of how deep the revolution went."

The German general who told Hitler to go screw himself-click for name and bio-He outlived Hitler!

Memphis City Hospital Training School for Nurses - Student Photograph 1900 by @nursingpins, via Flickr / This is a rare historical nursing photograph from Memphis City Hospital Training School for Nurses (Now Regional Medical Center at Memphis) Early 1900 photographs of students from the training school are rare & this on is identified which makes it among the rarest. The student wrote her name on the back when presented to a friend "Julia H. Ebendicke, Oct, 1901"

German soldiers laugh as they humiliate a Jewish man by forcing him to give the Nazi salute.

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