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Elen of the Ways, the Green Lady. British Venus, Goddess of Gardens, she is the…

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Oonagh is an ancient Irish Goddess. She is known as the queen of the fairies and the Goddess of nature, love and relationships.

Wiccan Moonsong: Oonagh - Fairy Queen

missvoodoodoll: “ Bow down to your horned Goddess! ”

Gothic and Amazing

A kelpie is a horse like creature that will lure humans to sit on their back and…

Kelpie by arcticphoenixstudios on deviantART

The Greek god Pan - fertility and sex god

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Flidais (pronounced flee-ish) is a complex Celtic Goddess with many differing…

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VETUST [adjective] venerable from antiquity; ancient; old. Etymology: from Latin…

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Caribou Man (Native American mythology)

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Nantosuelta - Celtic: Nature Goddess worshipped primarily in Gaul. One of her…

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