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I also kinda like this one. I'm noticing I like the way dresses were constructed from the medieval time period, as opposed to later during the actual Renaissance. But then again, I like simple styles that I can move around in, so that makes a lot of sense.

Medieval underdress/cotehardie sleeves help, please? - CLOTHING - I'm in the process of making a cotehardie and an underdress for it, and can not for the life of me find a sleeve tutorial for the underdress that lunch on the brenta canal

{CLOSED} Evelyn walked through the market place, trying to look for fabric for Princess Annalise's new gown. She held onto the strap of her satchel tightly as she walked passed the townspeople.

Medieval Renaissance Flax Linen Dress Autumn

See this and similar clothing - Autumn Princess - medieval clothing renaissance costume - The Autumn Princess is an elegant natural flax linen dress. This medie.



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Cover for a Square-Enix vinyl music record called ‘SQ TRAX.’ Art by Akihiko Yoshida.