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Noe Duran
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: Photo Jennifer Lawrence puts on her dancing shoes for a television appearance on El Hormiguero at Vertice 360 Studio on Thursday (April in Madrid, Spain.

toned and a size 10!

Size 10 toned and beautiful. Amazingly toned and a size It's called bone structure . God gave it to u for a reason. Less than of women can ever be a size It's not physically possible with their bone structure. -This is perfect. Love her hair too =)

Train by day Joe Rogan Podcast by night...all day!!

Benedict Cumberbatch’s amazing photobomb is now unsurprisingly a meme

Please don't mess around

Omg, so true! Its really funny when they keep swiping and then say "oops, I think I went too far". I'm thinking of course you did! I just wanted to show you that ONE picture.

Things I hate

Whoever Wrote This Graffiti Is A Genius: Things I hate: vandalism irony lists