Ginger Lemonade

Honey Ginger Lemonade

Recipe: Drinks Recipe / How to Honey Ginger Lemonade Recipe A Virtual Picnic for the Planet - tableFEAST

Frozen Coconut Limeade

Frozen Coconut Limeade: 5 cups ice, cup coconut rum (for non-alcoholic version, substitute cream of coconut), tablespoons frozen limeade concentrate (substitute lemonade version if you'd like), and cup water.

pomegranate seed ice cubes / two loves studio

Pomegranate Heart Ice Cubes The coolest thing to do with pomegranate seeds is to make fun ice cubes fit for any party drink! They look cute and add a little flavor! from foodgawker.

Grapes Super Hydration Juice

Cucumber and grape super hydration juice a bunch of green grapes 2 cucumbers lemon’s juice stevia extract, or any other healthy sweetener water/ cold green tea ice cubes [optional]

Dr. Oz's Metabolism drink - green tea, tangerine, mint

Oz’s Tangerine Weight-Orade Recipe… a powerful metabolism-boosting drink, shown to boost metabolism by drinking just one cup; in a large pitcher, combine: 8 cups of brewed green tea / 1 tangerine, sliced / A handful of mint leaves / Stir & emjoy