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missed the boat. No WONDER the Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs. they missed the boat! Now I come to think of it, where does it mention dinosaurs AT ALL in the the Bible?

Laughed way to hard at this!! haha

It made me think what is really the point to have a sign that says baby on board. People are jerks and I don't think they care if baby is on board


Cover the labels for STAAR. 4 Dinosauar Classifications , the herbivore, carnivore, omnivore and the omnomnomnivore

Truth xD

Shun the nonbeliever!>>>> ok who else loves Charlie the unicorn? He's awesome!

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THIS YOUTUBE THING?! Comment if you watched Charlie the unicorn

The blue unicorn, you see him? I LITERALLY say 'your face is-' and then I insert the word they just said like the blue unicorn. This is my friends and I.

Back to school things

Back to school things>>>Um, he clearly has two pens, can't you see the one on the far right? It's right on the end.> no no no there is only one pen, the one on the left is Percy's pen sword, riptide. The one on the right is an actual sword


My sisters toothbrush looks like this. She has receding gums bc she brushes her teeth so hard

Oh Alex<<< *claps*

Excuse you? How dare you? Dis means war. Don't do that to Percy Jackson.<<< I don't care if it was Gravity Falls you do not say suck it to Percy Jackson