Teapot • Suze Lindsay

Suze Lindsay potter Take a combined workshop with Suze Lindsay and Nick Joerling…

Gwendolyn Yoppolo  |  "infuser" teapot.

Gwendolyn Yoppolo is a rockstar. she made a removable tea strainer that fits into the lid of her tea pot!

Caramel (transparent and glossy)

Yoko Sekino-bove Caramel Caramel (transparent and glossy) Kona feldspar 50 Wollastonite 20 EPK 10 Silica 10 Gerstrate Borate 10 Total 100 – 5 % Red iron oxide

Julia Galloway

Julia Galloway’s work is as functional as it is beautiful. Her work can be seen at MudFire Gallery in Atlanta, Decatur GA.

Sandy Singletary by American Museum of Ceramic Art,

Sandy Singletary by American Museum of Ceramic Art,--Celebration of female form.my BFF would love it! And I love the color of the glaze.