Athens, Greece / My whole life saved by just four boys.
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So true.My friend did this to me when I brought her a brownie:)

Like and Repin

No good options but I'm definitely not ignoring it and idk who the other one is.

YouTube Fave Zoella Is Writing a Novel! Here's Everything You Need to Know |

Zoe Sugg playing as herself in my Harry Styles Fanfiction: Can't Say Away.


will never be the same without Calum. Ashton, Michael we have to stay bound that's what Calum would want us to be.


Why do we make fun of Dan? I mean sure, heart eyes Howell is the best, but look at Phil. Live eyes Lester should have the same amount of popularity.


Funny pictures about My talents. Oh, and cool pics about My talents. Also, My talents.

Michael is me. . . I am Michael. . .

Calum cant handle the truth

She's kinda hot< loving this song


Michaels like: "Luke stop being so happy, we're suppsed to be punk rock!


5 Seconds Of Summer>>> they all look extremely sexy but damn Ashton yes