K Project ~~ Missing Kings :: Suoh Mikoto X Munakata Reisi

きらっち☆ 全ての運命は俺が変える! on

K Project ~~ Missing Kings :: Suoh Mikoto and Munakata Reisi, The Third and Red King and the Fourth and Blue King I'm still sad that Mikoto died.

GoHands, K Project, Misaki Yata, Saruhiko Fushimi, Magazine Page http://browse.minitokyo.net/gallery?tid=71067&index=3

K Project (Saruhiko Fushimi, Misaki Yata) - Minitokyo

What anime is this from?

K Project Gif when I finally realized this would be my first ship of this show

GoHands, K Project, Misaki Yata~~but my heart lays with Yata-chan.

GoHands, K Project, Misaki Yata~~ Yata is a cute child that needs to be protected from all that could hurt him.