x | visit the glowworm caves in new zealand

visit the glow worm caves in new zealand - ◽️. I'm going to study abroad in New Zealand for a bit, i should check this out

x | go on the skydeck in chicago

Go on the sky deck in Chicago - I dunno why I put this in my bucket list considering I'm terrified of heights

x | read every book i own

Pretty much done, with the exception of a few stragglers. I don't usually buy books I don't plan to read.

x | visit england

Big Ben and London Eye accross the Thames River, London, United Kingdom. One my favorite cities in the world not only because it is wonderful in itself but because my Janis and Callum live there.

x | ride the blob

My sister has been on the Blob at the camping place and seen everybody at the camping place do this. Sounds like fun. But seems like you would have lots and lots of fun on the Blob.