hahaha I love this guy's grandpa..not just because he's hilarious, but because he knows how to text, and most importantly, use proper grammar within said text. Haha

Hate is a rather strong word. But yea, if you bring your pointless immature drama created of your own insecurities to FB instead of talking about it like an adult (or better yet, just getting over it), then I do want much less to do with you!!


Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

utah the homophobe capital of the world all the racists and bigots we have here. but the "straight white married mormon men" are down at liberty park in thier cars waiting to pay for a hand job from a teenage boy. and yeah it was on the local news.

Why do girls want a great sense of humour in guys? Why do girls like guys with great sense of humour that can make her laugh, smile and treat her well and make her feel special? If a guy has above...... asked under Fashion & Beauty