The Food Lab: 7 Old Wives's Tales About Cooking Steaks That Need To Go Away

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Pressure cooking's now my favorite way to cook greens. Check out how to stuff large quantities of leafy goodness into your cooker without clogging the gasket and having the pot explode in your face!

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Nom Nom Paleo for the iPad® by Nom Nom Paleo. Bursting with over 110 gluten-free recipes and more than 1,500 step-by-step photos, this “cookbook on steroids” is a uniquely immersive culinary experience for the iPad®. It’s a visual feast packed with brand new recipes, as well as updated versions of classic Nom Nom Paleo dishes – all presented with my own special brand of whimsically snarky commentary. Food lovers and busy home cooks can now visually follow each of my recipes from the pantry…

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