Embroidery Stitches

Spinnerin Volume 168 ~ Embroidery Stitches

Spinnerin Volume 168 ~ Embroidery Stitches Vintage patterns can be beautiful, which is why I bought this old Spinnerin. (front cover) Vintage patterns can also be hilariously tacky, which is why I.


Blue and white planters: adorable idea to have them on the wall; also love the idea of a blue and white valance and the hydrangea.

Blue and white bowls.

Blue and white inspiration for the May Designs Blue Porcelain collection.


lovely blue and white teacups: Aiken House & Gardens my Mum would adore these she so loves blue and white pottery


Royal Copenhagen - must find these! favorite color is blue- I collect blue and white dishes - my Nanna was born in Copenhagen

Blue & White China Tea Cups LOVE these cups and saucers!

Two great tones this spring will be the deep classic blue and the mellow custard yellow

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