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Shift Word Choice in the Favor of Emotion by Herschell Gordon Lewis via marketingawesomeness #Writing #Word_Choice

Amazing Contrast of Intellectual vs Emotional Words. Use of emotional words in persuasive writing, and use of intellectual terms in business.

Great list of Beautiful words and the definitions. The list is a little hard to read but still worth a read. - JC

The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English, I would say 100 of the most beautiful words, only a one hundred? How about just 100 beautiful words in English?

Ways to say "said"

190 Ways to Say "Said", good for essay writing when you have a very descriptive 25 page essay to write in college

30 Day Writing Challenge: Part 1 | Pleasantly Practical James

Photo Accredited to Jason Wallace Photography Well, I haven& seen much interest in the writing challenge for June. I know of a few peo.

Journal prompts by the day.

Use for a letter writing challenge! I think it's time to start writing in a journal again.this is cool to help you get started.Journal prompts by the day. Not all of them, though.