Shooting in Manual Mode can be a little tough. So here we help ease your pain. Check out this super awesome manual mode cheat sheet!

Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet ~ by @capturebylucy

What is Shutter Speed? Photography Tutorial #BACKTOBASICS

all about lenses!

Know Your Lenses: DSLR lenses- get to know all about telephoto, prime lenses, wide angle and kit lenses! Which to use for faces, which to use for places, and everything in between. (great info for beginner photographers)

The Ultimate Wedding Day Photo Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Day Photo Checklist: Pin Now, Save For Later It's a good idea to have a photo list of specific poses you want.

Photo-a-day challenge could be any month

Oooh- never done- but sounds fun: Photo-a-day challenge- could be any month. Used to be better about photos- maybe this will get me going! Really help capture summer.

DIY Photo Canvas Tutorial {with a secret tip to create REAL canvas texture}! - Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

DIY Photo Canvas Prints With Authentic Texture

DIY Photo Canvas Tutorial - make your own photo canvas, family photo, photography prints, DIY photo idea

Wedding Photography Tip #1: Wear comfy shoes Wedding Photography Tip #2: Take out Uncle Bob early with a sharp elbow to the stomach! Wedding Photography Tip #3: Have a frank talk about seeing the bride

68 ESSENTIAL Wedding Photography Tips I'm preparing to shoot my first wedding. These tips are going to help me out a lot.

21 Wedding Photo Ideas for your Bridal Party » Confetti Daydreams - Wedding BlogConfetti Daydreams – Wedding Blog

21 Wedding Photo Ideas for your Bridal Party

21 Wedding Photo Ideas for your Bridal Party. A sophisticated and sexy photo pose for you and your bridal party to try ♥

Must Have Wedding Photos - Bride and Groom Wedding Pictures | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine. Through your ring.

post wedding photo shoot wedding photography Wedding Picture Idea: Caught kissing through a wedding band found your wedding idea? now order .