Architecture firm Penda and engineering firm Arup have teamed up to undertake the ambitious goal of redesigning the suspension bridge, with their newly commissioned project to build the San Shan Bridge in China. The bridge will be completed in time for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, and will span across the Gui River connecting Beijing’s city center to Zhangjiakou. The inspiration for San Shan Bridge is a combination of the Olympic symbol and its five rings, the location’s…

DNA-Shaped Suspension Bridge Inspired by Olympic Games' Five Rings

The San Shan Bridge spans across the Gui River and will be an integral part of the infrastructure program for the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing and connects the city center with Zhangjiakou. The english translation of “San Shan (三⼭)” is 3 Mountains

art nouveau architecture

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Just because a garden gate has to be functional, doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful.    Like it? Then let us know and we'll show you some more ideas.

Ornate wooden garden gate design/photo: Lance Jordan on Lance Jordan Creations - Gardening Rustic

Unusual Building

The sculpture titled "Performance Piece" is by renowned sculptor Dennis Oppenheim. The sculpture is made from steel, pigments, bugles, firebrick and fiberglass. It features a fireplace and chimney with the chimney twisted in a knot. Around the fireplace a

One of Pennsylvania's premier examples of programmatic architecture along the Lincoln Highway is the Coffee Pot. The shape of the building is what drew the public to the small lunch stand. Built in 1927 by David Koontz, the Coffee Pot remains one of only five coffee/tea pot shapes structures left in the United States, a significant decrease from fifteen. Unfortunately, the Coffee Pot was named to the 2001 list of the Commonwealth's Most Endangered Historic Properties.

Coffee Pot-shaped Building Bedford, Pennsylvania - The dilapidated 1925 coffee pot was restored in 2003 and has a new home at the fairgrounds.

TelAviv, Israel

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"Edgar Street Towers" by IwamotoScott Architecture (Craig Scott, CCA Architecture Faculty), New York City

Edgar Street Towers in New York City by IwamotoScott Architecture additional link more photos of spiral designs.

Python Bridge, Amsterdam

The "Python bridge" (Pythonbrug) in the east of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Designed by the architect house West the bridge was completed in

Deconstructing the Churches | michael jantzen | Archinect

altered photo series “Deconstructing the Houses,” large suburban homes appear fragmented and jumbled, almost as if they are falling down. The images are by designer Michael Jantzen.

Unique Design of the Building Wall with a Thousand Doors

South Korean Artist Choi Jeong-Hwa used 1000 brightly colored recycled doors to transform a bland building into an eye-popping visual indulgence. Read more: 1000 Recycled Doors Transform the Facade of a Building in Seoul

Emporia Wingårdhs - Designed by the architectural practice of Wingardhs, Emporia is an urban planning project which includes offices, housing and retail spaces on the Hyllie Boulevard 19 in Malmo, Sweden.

If diamonds were made of chocolate. Curving planes of diagonal glass stained in smoky brown and caramel tones give this fluid ultra-modern structure a powerful earthy contrast. A vision of beauty. Emporia Shopping Centre in Malmö, SWEDEN by Wingårdhs

How about this idea.Skyhigh Food Farms For Future Cities Are Ready To Rise.  I think it would work the best with electric cars so you don't have to soak food for ours off burnt fuel residue.

Twisted & tesselating "Green House" building design by Vincent Callebaut Architectures for Agora Tower in Taipei, Taiwan 2016