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Design Sculpture

Bronze Interior Design sculpture by artist Charles Westgarth titled: 'Awakening (Large Birth Bronze Sculpture)' #sculpture #art

Awakening (Large Abstract Bronze Sculptures) by Charles Westgarth

Owl Steampunk

Things Steampunk

Steampunk Style

Steampunk Animals

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Steampunk Oddity

Corbett Steampunk

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Punch Steampunk

Steampunk Owl by James Corbett, the Car Part Sculptor

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Metal Fab

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Top Gear

Sculpture Inspiration

Junk Art


Art Sculpture


Art Stuff

zach lihatsh bicas

BICAS art and salvage non-profit in Tucson

Sculpture Naruszewicza

Gauguin Sculpture

Sculpture Talisman

Sculpture Google

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Brutalist Metal

Brutalist Sculpture

A Brutalist Metal Sculpture of a Charging Bull mid 1960s

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Shovel face ???...

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Rod Gas

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Nice Rodz

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Rods Cars

Outlaw Rats

These rat rod gas tanks are the bomb.

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Designer Scott

Ux Ui Designer

Scott Summit

Prosthetics Design

Beautiful Prosthetic

Bespoke Innovations

Beautiful Industrial

Beautiful Modern

Designs Beautiful

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics

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Pennings Sculptures

Fly Sculpture

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Metal Sculpture Ideas

Sculpture Statuary

Joshua Penning

Metal Artwork

Fref Photo

Punked Art

Joshua Pennings Sculptures

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Metal art Bookworm

Welded Metal Art Ideas

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Scrap Metal Sculpture

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Metal art Bookworm

Sculpture Pépé

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Bug Metal

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Metal Shop Welding

Bug metal art, created by Joel Sullivan of Iron Designs in Nova Scotia, SOLD

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Fantasy Sculpture

Outsider art sculpture from Art Insolite Amis

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Birdhouse Here'S

Decorative Birdhouse

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Birdhouses Feeders

Castle-inspired birdhouse Here's what to do with rusty old pipes and metal scraps.

remember your karma: my late uncle

Jerry Tate

Jerry O'Connell

Tate Google

Metal Animals

Sculpture Inspiration

Metal Sculpture

Metal Art

Google Search


Jerry Tate - Google Search

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Coco Kokopelli

Kokopelli Energy

Website Funny

Website That'S

Southwest Taste


Sims Metal

Johnny Gimbel

Lorelei Sims

Lorelei Sims metal work. Did you notice the name of her website? Funny.

BLACKSMITHCHIC.COM - Gawk at Ironwork for the Garden

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Abstract Figure Sculpture

Improvised figure di Martin Debenham, scultura in acciaio inox e base in legno, 2011.

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El Metal

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Welded Art

Esta escultura esquemática representa a tres cuerpos humanos que en esta imagen se están apoyando en una pared. La posición de sus brazos ayudan a dar la sensación de que realmente se están apoyando. El material utilizado es el metal, pero parece que esta un poco oxidado.

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Sculpture Sculpture


Smoothing Iron

Sculpture Inspiration

Metal Art





«Venise… Chez moi»

«In my Venice… »

Sculpture Sculpture

639 Pixels

960 639


Assemblage Collage

Sculpture Inspiration

Recycled Art

Metal Art

Art Dolls


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Artificio Xvi

Xvi Wood

Iron 2013

Ramon Urban





Mixed Technique

RAMÓN URBÁN, E54 "SECRETO ARTIFICIO XVI", Técnica mixta madera/hierro, 58x20. 2013.


Archipenko Bronze

Art Archipenko

Modern Contemporary Sculpture

Contemporary Island

Modern Art

Sculpture Archipenko Alexander

Sculptures Alexander

Idea Sculptings

Митець Artist

A. Archipenko

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Art Sculpture

Lv1 Art

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Artist Lifestyles

Roy Lichtenstein by Gerard Rancinan

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Diameter Measures

Measures 44

Medle Art

Art Em

Metal Wood Craft

Art Metal

Iron Sculpture

Metal Sculptures

Wire Welding

Giant oak tree with swing. Diameter measures 44". Made from recycled wagon wheel and steel. See my other works on Facebook Art O Sphere. All items available for sale. This piece is an extraordinary value at $200.

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Posh Places Shopfrom Posh Places Shop

"Looking" Wall Art

Mounted Sculptures

Sculpture Wall

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Google

Man Wall

Wall Décor

Views Wayfair

Resin Climbing

Climbing Man

""Looking"" Wall Art

"Looking" Wall Art

Car Ornaments

Automobile Ornaments

Hood Ornaments Ideas

Rat Rod Hood Ornaments

Bonnet Ornaments

Hood Orniment

Ratrod Ideas

Ideas Carros

Redneck Hood

Way Better Than the Stock Hood Ornament

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Metal Art Cat

Welded Metal Art

Recycled Metal Art

Recycled Parts

Cat Art

Scrap Metal Crafts

Welded Cat

Metal Junk Art

Cat Folk Art

Nuts the Cat - Yardbirds Sculpture by Richard Kolb (created with scrap and recycled parts)

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