Stone Fever

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the cover of stone fever by norman west - hoef, with a mountain in the background
Stone Fever
Young Adult science fiction
a woman dressed in native american clothing standing next to a white horse on rocky terrain
"a thicker weave of off-white hemp"
a bird sitting on top of a wooden roof
“I’m the newbie — Keltyn SparrowHawk, rock-smith savant…”
#sparrowhawk #raptorbirds #stonefever #cree #firstpeople photo: Just Click's With A Camera
#orphan #stonefever Hindu boy, Nepal, photo by author
“a skinny orphan …”
#orphan #stonefever Hindu boy, Nepal, photo by author
the lava is glowing orange and red
“Magma?” “Molten rock.”
#magma #stonefever photo: Kilauea HI, USGS
an adult penguin standing next to a baby penguin
“tales of flightless coastal birds...”
a painting of a woman wearing a yellow hat in front of some tall green grass
Van Gogh, woman with straw bonnet
“...matrons in their bright frocks and straw hats”
an aerial view of a mountain range with mountains in the background
Meteor Crater
“…the direction of a certain crater”
closeup of green leaves on a tree
“a rare stand of tall conifers…pine, fir and cedar”
a large rock formation in the middle of a grassy area
Hide tent
“Joaquin’s sparse tent… was little more than a string of untanned hides...”
“the tendons must be severed” Physical Therapy, Exercises, Physics, Tendinitis, Therapy, Diagnosis, At Home
wrist tendons
“the tendons must be severed”
a wooden chess board on display in a wood frame with two sides and one side missing
“a checkerboard”
many different colored rocks on a white surface
“the different colors and feel of the stones, smooth and shiny, jagged and dull”
an old toothbrush is hanging on the wall
Bone needle
“several sizes of bone needles”