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This is lovely ! Today's Daily Nail Art is this Converse Sneaker design by suga-skull. As you can see, you can modify this style to fit any color scheme of your choosing, or go all out and make each sneaker a different color.

Amazing neon rainbow nails. Mine would have to be short though....I don't do long nails

Neon rainbows galore!! Gradient, glitter, brushstroke, and FA at tie dye! I am in love. I had to get all my neons in before summer is over! Polish names and more pictures inside

Neon Aztec Nails

22 Wonderful Nail Designs Switch the neon yellow/green for a blue and we are in business. Neon Aztec Nails - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips hall.

Neon Nails: Need to learn how to do that feather!

Neon nail polish has greatly gained popularity recently. Nails have become our most important accessory. Neon nail polish is so appreciated becomes it make