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Know Maintenance Gardening (TM) developed by Roy Diblik

Northwind Perennial Farm creates nature-inspired gardens composed of durable perennials that contribute to their own health using the Know Maintenance Approach to minimize your labor and to maximize your enjoyment of your garden.

Know Maintenance Gardening (TM) developed by Roy Diblik

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Salvia 'East Freisland mingled together with Allium schoenoprasum 'Schnitlauch' a short chives. Also appearing is Peony 'Scarlet O'hara' , Coreopsis 'Golden Showers' and Geranium 'Orion'

A comfortable mix of Seslaria autumnalis and Sporobolus heterolepis

The Mitchell Park Domes, Agastache 'Blue Fortune's' vertical strength relates in a direct way to many of the mounding plants.

The first snow visually is the most moving. Changing greens, grays and browns to such a clean, pure white. It's too nice.

This is simply a new planting. The owner has some great sculptures.

This was the second gravel garden I designed. It's the first one at Olbrich Botanic Garden in Madison, Wi. Jeff Epping has completed 4 or 5 more, his designs are super, they connect and enhance the existing gardens and have helped him manage his maintenance costs.

How nice is Pycnathemum tenuifolium it has a satisfying way of filling space. Not quite as intrusive as other Pycnanthemims. It's fronted by Seslaria autumnalis, backed by Miscanthus 'Graziella'.

Echinacea 'Northwind' This Echinacea will never sell in retail. It's too big in a container, too open in a container, It doesn't present well in a pot. In the garden its strongly upright, has enjoyable, long flower production and bold structure through the winter. One more characteristic, it lives.

The wonderfully graceful and practical beauty of Carex. This is Carex grisea as a living mulch under woody plants. Wood chips can now find a new consistent use elsewhere.

Sometimes too much color can be a distraction. In this part of the garden the brushstrokes of purple are highlighted by the soft texture of Sporobolus heterolepis.

New street plantings in West Union Iowa that i had a great opportunity to design working with Conservation Design Forum. Each planter collects the runoff after a rainfall.

Thanks to everyone this year that purchased my book and filled the year with fun, discussing plant communities, maintenance practices and how to mow the perennial gardens in March.

Planting in public spaces is the best manner of introducing ecology based gardens to much larger groups of people.

The Calamagrotis 'Karl Foerster' keeps the rhythm of the planting moving along the porch.

The porch is nestled into the garden. Traditionally shrubs would be planted along the porch. Now and then breaking the rules demonstrated why there are no rules when you know the plants.

The beauty of the Autumn garden.

The layering of textures.

The beauty and health of leaving plant litter in the garden.

Early Autunm, the garden moves into soft yellows, blues, grays, browns and tints of green.

A Know Maintenance garden at home.

Summer in the garden. Continuity of having moments of color connected by the textures of foliage.

This is the south courtyard at the Art Institute in Chicago. Its a Carex meadow using Carex bromoides and moments of Carex muskingumensis,

A planting of Carex flacca and Allium 'Summer Beauty' with a backdrop of Calamintha nepeta ssp. nepeta. These three plants fill in promptly and really minimize weeding through the summer.

More of the lakeside of the Shedd Aquarium. Sporobolust heterolepis is the main grass that connects all the plant patterns through the garden.

The lake side of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. This is the third year. We replaced 8,000 sq. ft. of turf.