Konrad Miller

Konrad Miller

Bywa że nie jestem szczery Czasem zwyczajnie kłamię Jestem próżny, pazerny Dbam tylko o swoje cztery litery Bywam małostkowy Cyniczny i bezduszny Osądzam
Konrad Miller
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The Four Horsemen - Death by Flusher

Peter Lacy has only a small deviantART gallery, but I discovered his rendition of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a search for cute grim reapers (don’t ask). Death:<<<too cute

I don't who made this, but all I have to say is AWESOME!

harry potter the deathly hallows death black and white illustration my favorite part of the movie was the tale of the three brothers.

A great image of Shallan, from The Stormlight Archives, by SDumagny.deviantart.com on @deviantART.

Fanart from The Stormlight Archive (The Way of the Kings) by Brandon Sanderson. I'm a huge fan of his new series of books, this image depicted one of th.