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Psychedelic Doc Emmett Brown Art by Nicky Barkla - Back to the Future - Christopher Lloyd. Is there something wrong with the world's gravitational pull in the future?

I need this most days.

But for real, I have asthma, so I should totally get the starbucks inhaler, lol!

Vans OTW Woessner "Trout"

Vans OTW 2012 Fall/Winter "Trout" Pack: While various elements of the fishing culture have been heavily relied upon by the likes of heritage brands like Filson and also tapped by street labe.

Dr. Josheph Mengele's real interest was with twins.  Twins -- especially children -- were kept isolated from the other prisoners, and forced to endure a daily barrage of blood tests and experiments, whether they be injections in the eye to try and change eye color, or being stitched together in an effort to create "Siamese twins."

Joseph Mengele the "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz. The doctor reserved a special barracks for his twin subjects, as well as for dwarfs, cripples and other 'exotic specimens'.

Pierre Balmain Fall Winter 2012

Pierre Balmain fall / winter 2012 look book Models: Adrien Sahores, Melissa Stasiuk


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