Scalloped Pyrex

Scalloped Pyrex - I'm having a hard time imagining a set of bowls I want more. (Are they real pyrex? I don't see them on PyrexLove.

One of my favorite discoveries at Octopus Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Featuring four individual octopi that nest for easy storage, our exclusive ceramic measuring spoons add a playful beach house vibe to the kitchen.


Gothic Skull potholder quilted by theBawdyGirls on Etsy, (great inspiration for diy pot holder for when I'm able to sew better)

Vintage Retro 1960s Pyrex Arcopal Jug Pitcher Coffee Pot Orange and Red Flower Design

Vintage Retro Pyrex Arcopal Jug Pitcher Coffee Pot Orange and Red Flower Design.have this with matching mugs

Hoosier style enamel cabinet

Deco kitchen cabinet *SWOON*/My grandma back in the hills of Tennessee had one similar-she made the best biscuits without no recipe ya'll!

retro kitchen decor by elva

"colonial revival" dark pine plate rack shelf refinished in soft blue paint. - The Vintage Magpie vintage display idea.

Red & White Vintage Pyrex and friends

Getting embossed as opposed to incised, and the material becoming glass, it is obviously molded in as opposed to stamped. It's a crystalline material and was probably the big part of the very first glass employed by humans.