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106 Casserole Recipe Ideas... I love me some casseroles! :-p

The Two Bite Club: Spinach Artichoke Alfredo Pizza

Baked Artichoke Chicken- won best recipe on "The Chew."

Clone of a Cinnabon

spinach artichoke dip {Gimme Some Oven}

  • Andrea Fox

    Yes. So good. I only had a small jar of artichokes and I can only imagine it would be even better with more!

I've always wanted to try making baklava. This recipe looks easy and has great reviews!

  • Shauna Harris

    So what was wrong with it?

  • Andrea Fox

    A couple of things. First of all, I didn't realize that phyllo dough usually comes in huge sheets, about 2x the size of a 9X13 pan. The recipe mentions cutting the phyllo to fit the pan. Well my phyllo came in 2 already cut batches and I'd used one of the batches for something else. So I only had 1/2 the amount of dough that it called for and didn't realize it until my baklava wasn't even close to filling up the whole pan. That meant that I used way too much butter on the sheets. Then the syrup is supposed to boil and then simmer for 20 minutes. The burners on our stove take a really long time to cool down once they are hot so it's almost impossible to simmer something without burning it once it has boiled. So I moved the pot to another burner and turned it on low. Unfortunately I turned on the wrong burner so the syrup didn't simmer at all. I think it was too thin because of this.

  • Andrea Fox

    So the combo of too much butter, too little phyllo, and too thin of a syrup made it really sloppy. It was a little better this morning but didn't have that crispy sticky crunch that I like about baklava. Also I used sliced almonds which I liked the flavor of but they would have been better chopped.. Not that any of this stopped us from eating it. It's almost all gone already.

Cream Cheese, Garlic, and Chive Stuffed Chicken - easy and simple.

Trying this recipe this week

  • Andrea Fox

    This came out great! I used a 4 lb boneless pork shoulder and it sat in the fridge overnight after I rubbed it. (I probably could have halved the spices -- I had a lot left over.) I also added a can of crushed pineapple, with juice, with the BBQ sauce since I was serving over rice instead of on bread. Needed a little sauce for the rice. Yummy!

Best. Cookies. Ever. This is based on scientific data and is not just the author's opinion. Really.

I made this for Brett's birthday. I added a package of chopped spinach as well. Very filling and soooo good.