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Geek Art: Melting Iron Man Faceplate. A movie spoiler maybe??

Marvel Comics Gilded Iron Man And Loki Illustrations by Sam Spratt - replace this with a piece from Sneaker Artist Freehand Profit - possibly one of the Nice Kicks Collab shoes he has created masks of.

The Invincible Iron Man

minimalistic Iron Man silhouette Robert Downey Jr Marvel Comics The Avengers posters hero fan art white background - Wallpaper ( / Wallbase.

Incredible diorama of Iron Man's armory

It's out there somewhere - that seemingly hard-to-find comic, rare book.


Commission of Iron Man based on the movie! Who watched the movie? Sorry guys, I will reply every post you sent me ok?

Ironman in the style of Pixar

Digital artist Victor Hugo (as far as I can tell, his real name) created this fantastic image of Tony Stark hanging out in his lab. Now that Disney has its white-gloved fingers in both Marvel and Pixar, we have to ask: How isn't this already a movie?


Escapist News Now New More Diverse Avengers NowRevealed - We have a plethora of news today! From the new character's in the Avengers, Telltales Walking Dead updates, and a brand new trailer for Fatal Frame Get your fill of comics,

Francisco Rico Torres  -:|:-  “Iron Downey"

Artist Francisco Rico Torres has appropriately titled this vibrant portrait “Iron Downey”

Tony Stark

Iron Man // cover artwork for Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas // painted artwork by Adi Granov

Iron Man

Iron Man Let’s go behind the glamorous silver screen and take a look at the origins of Iron Man. Envisioned by Stan Lee, the Iron Man came into being only when Tony Stark’s life hung in the balance.

Iron Man takes on Magneto? This won't last very long

Iron Man makes one of his worst choices in fight Magneto (art by Adi Granov). Magneto goes like, "Good! I feel lots of Iron in this one!