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i was aiming for chris

This Kid's Perfectly Reasonable Explanation Is Actually Insane


23 personas que sabes que definitivamente están muertas

He Just Came Out Of The Closet

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I want one of these... but the comments are hilarious...

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Mockingjay on Instagram: “TAG YOUR BEST FRIENDS Follow My New Page @Fandom - Credit : @Dorktalk #Mockingjayscenes”

“What matters is how fabulously you get back up”? | 21 People Who Really Made The Best Of A Bad Situation

21 People Who Really Made The Best Of A Bad Situation

You can take the Thor out of the saddle club, but not the saddle club out of the Thor....

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Time to get Star Spangled Hammered!

Star Spangled Hammered | MERICA MADE

Chaos and dinosaurs

jurassic world | Tumblr

Benedict Cumberbatch could have any woman

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Cinderella part two…

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Tom Hardy takes a paintball to the butt-cheek. Pretty funny, but I'm still staring at his butt :)

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This happens way too often.. except for the cat. I hate cats.

the awkward moment when - Dump A Day


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 83 Pics

Do enough mountain climbers and your breasts are bound to escape. | 19 Struggles Of Working Out With Big Boobs

19 Struggles Of Working Out With Big Boobs

Louise is so my spirit animal.

I Smell Fear On You - Louise Bob's Burgers by lindseyyo

Oh hot reservoir, this is my jelly oh hot damn this is my jam we be partying till da am

This is my jelly…


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Geek alphabet

ABCDEFGeek Vol. 1 by OtisFrampton on deviantART

I saw it, and that's what I said. :) Bahahahahaha

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This is just very weird -

One of the best movies of all time, and if you say otherwise you are simply wrong.

19 Funny TV and Movie Screencaps (5.10.11)

Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green

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On the first day of christmas, my fandoms gave to meee....

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