Let your feet have a Blast


Christian Louboutin from Neiman Marcus Art of Fashion Spring 2014 Ad Photographed by Andreas Sjödin- these would be perfect wedding shoes

Typography for a promotional poster of Teatro Helena Sá e Costa in Porto, Portugal


Full Length Patchwork Skirt in Reds Browns and Golds - damselinthisdress ♥ Clothing on ArtFire

Ceramique #raku #handmade #ceramic

Ceramique Raku Handmade Ceramics at Gachon Pothier Store in Paris


Nice split design for any pattern. Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom


spoon rests, sauce bowls: for use on tiny decorative bowl. Base: simple, small, sharp lines with deep foot Decorative element: small/ baby chameleon crouching on branch Colors: Base: neutral, white Decorative element: to be decided later


Strengite is a relatively rare iron phosphate mineral. The mineral is named after the German mineralogist Johann August Streng It can range from lavender, pink or purple in hue.

sid: Photo

Andromeda: Of Motorcycles and Cyborgs on Digital Art Served

Carmen Dell’Orefice

Photo by Erik Madigan Heck, style by Cora Thomas for Nomenus Quarterly, 2011

Beast of book of revelation

felixinclusis: Seven headed dragon - Joachim of Fiore (who was a rather bizarre medieval version of Harold Camping.

Broken Hearts by Nathan Yoder

Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts by Nathan Yoder

Illustration by Alessia Mannini, via Behance

Illustration by Alessia Mannini, Milan Italy

Tuto coquelicots en papier de soie

DIY: Coquelicots love it !

The American Printer 1941 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The American Printer 1941 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun. Interesting fun summer project: what if flags were just a snap shot of the real art and the graphics continued outside the bounds of the crop box?