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Sarah Genders

well enough about me... what are you .... doing here?
Sarah Genders
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harrr rum

African Chicken - Great combination on chicken and spices makes this exotic chicken recipe a family favorite.

Chicken, bacon, ranch, cheese.. what's not to love

Anniversary Chicken - This creamy chicken recipe has a delectable mixture of ranch dressing, bacon bits, teriyaki sauce and cheddar cheese. Perfect for a special dinner or any meal you want a chicken dish that tastes out of the ordinary.

too "cool" get it? cool?

Fred Cool Shooters Shot Glass Mold - why didn't I think of this genius invention first? Make-your-own frozen shot glass is a must-have for the upcoming warm summer months!

whatever you do, do NOT hard boil an egg in its shell in the microwave!!! Right Mom? :)

A tablespoon of oil added to each mug of dye gives eggs a beautiful marbled effect. Lightly pat each egg dry with a paper towel, leaving a bit of the oil for a shiny, varnished look.

who says fathers aren't as nurturing as mothers...

who says fathers aren't as nurturing as mothers...

talk about an identity crisis

With the recent birth of a baby Panda cub to Lin Hui and Xuang Xuang at Chiang Mai zoo in Bangkok everyone in Thailand has had Panda's on their mind. This has upset local Elephant keepers at the Ayutthaya-Elephant Kraal.