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My best friend and I had every paper doll set and coloring book of the Ginghams. They came on the heels of the Holly Hobbie craze.

Free Gingham printable paper dolls
  • Carin Hollandbeck
    Carin Hollandbeck

    I had those!! And a Holly Hobbie bedroom!

  • Nancy Denes
    Nancy Denes

    The gingham dolls were my favorite girl names....turns out I named my two daughters Carrie and Sarah. I had tears in my eyes when I saw this on pinterest.

  • mj schutz
    mj schutz

    thank you

Fashion Plates! They did nothing for my style but I loved them.

  • Carin Hollandbeck
    Carin Hollandbeck

    Best gift my dad ever gave me!


  • Sarah Combs
    Sarah Combs

    love how the bottom left perfectly captures "it is not a fat girl's name." Or possibly, "Can I eat?"

Ridiculous, stinky jelly shoes.

  • Leigh Pyle
    Leigh Pyle

    Hated them the first time around......

I had the one on the right! I loved that Swatch! With Swatch guard, though, of course.

  • Stephen Coleman
    Stephen Coleman

    I own these and they both work still


80s bathing suits were so hideous.

Y'all. How did we not know?

When Nicolas Cage was the dreamiest. Valley Girl.

Banana clip. Which gave me a spectacular, permy mohawk.

Gunne Sax prom dress.

Jessica McClintock. With the big white Nellie Olsen bow in the back, clipped around your ponytail, with the big bangs in front. You know you did it. Don't even front.

Vintage Dresses - Evening & Vintage Clothing
  • Carin Hollandbeck
    Carin Hollandbeck

    Guilty. Although mine was from The Limited and I had a petticoat. Yep. A petticoat for the 8th grade dance.

Floral Bongo jeans. So flattering.

Oh my god I had these exact booties. Holy crap. Ebay, you slay me!

Esprit was my favorite brand.

Benetton. How I loved your sweaters.

I'm pretty sure my brothers had like 12 of these between them.

V-neck Shaker sweaters falling over one shoulder. Alluring!

The ultimate 80s movie.

Big ass lace hair bow. Again, thank you Madonna.


Thank you Madonna.

I do not know these girls, but they provide evidence of the short-lived forehead band. Mine was baby blue and gold. *shudder*

Remember these? Back when you were allowed toys that might choke you? Me too.

Anybody remember how huge Papagallo button cover purses were? HYOOGE!