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It hurts to say goodbye to a person you love knowing that life won't be the same without him. But it's better to give up rather than to fight knowing that you're the only one fighting.

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slowly, surely, I walk away from self serving, undeserving, constantly hurting me "Love".

I am so bad at letting go, but I guess i am a pro at letting it hurt. With you, I've been letting it hurt for a long time. I love you and I want to be with you, but I can't and you dont match my effort, but I can't muster the strength to let go

Let it hurt. Then let it go. Healing is a process, embrace the pain, the difficulties, and the breaths of fresh air

//currently miss my ex//

ghosts - rupi kaur you don't get to do that. once you leave your not coming back. enough is enough.