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Have a dress that's just a bit too short (like that that awkward length between your best short length and the best long length)? Make a petticoat to go under it!

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The Taupest Bustleback OverDyed Upcycled Tattered Long Dreamy SKIRT AuraGaia Battenburg Lace, Vintage OverDyed Whitework Embroidery Butterflies

TERRA ~ AuraGaia ~ tattered poorgirl earthy organic skirt...bustleback, underskirt & overskirt, faux corset front; ruffles, layers, upcycled, overdyed, silk, homespun, linen, silk, cotton, lace, paisley, taupe, marigold, rust, brass buttons, tan, brown, rayon, ramie, tribal.

This is soooo Heather! Maybe just a few less layers I love the button details that were left on .